New Zealand Exchange Limited

Amp Nz Office Ltd
Undervalued by 3%
Barramundi Ltd
Undervalued by 21%
Ebos Group Limited
Undervalued by 22%
166 Companies Found
Company Ticker Margin Valuation
Abano Healthcare Group Limited ABA Overvalued Overvalued by 18% $6.89
AFFCO Holdings Limited AFF Overvalued Overvalued by 16% $0.30
Auckland International Airport Limited AIA Overvalued Overvalued by 45% $3.97
Air New Zealand Limited AIR Undervalued Undervalued by 601% $13.18
Allied Farmers Limited ALF Undervalued Undervalued by 233% $0.20
Amp Nz Office Ltd ANO Within margin of safety Undervalued by 3% $1.33
Apple Fields Limited APF Undervalued Undervalued by 280% $0.19
AMP NZ Office Trust APT Undervalued Undervalued by 55% $1.32
A2 Corporation Limited ATM Overvalued Overvalued by 33% $1.23
Allied Work Force Group Ltd. AWF Undervalued Undervalued by 113% $5.05
Burger Fuel Worldwide Limited BFW Overvalued Overvalued by 17% $1.41
Briscoe Group Limited BGR Overvalued Overvalued by 24% $2.92
ICP Biotechnology Limited BIO    
BLIS Technologies Limited BLT Overvalued Overvalued by 40% $0.03
Botry-Zen Limited BOZ Within margin of safety Undervalued by 0% $0.01
Barramundi Ltd BRM Undervalued Undervalued by 21% $0.78
Broadway Industries Limited BWY Undervalued Undervalued by 100% $0.12
Cavalier Corporation CAV Undervalued Undervalued by 134% $1.95
CBS Canterbury CBS Overvalued Overvalued by 11% $2.53
Cavotec MSL Holdings Ltd. CCC Within margin of safety Overvalued by 0% $2.44
CDL Investments New Zealand Limited CDI Undervalued Undervalued by 169% $1.94
Contact Energy Limited CEN Undervalued Undervalued by 130% $11.31
CER Group Ltd. CER Overvalued Overvalued by 100% $0.00
Cooks Food Group Limited CFG Overvalued Overvalued by 22% $0.07
Charlie's Group Ltd. CHA Overvalued Overvalued by 69% $0.13
166 Companies Found