Toronto Stock Exchange

Zongshen PEM Power Systems Inc.
Undervalued by 1%
ZCL Composites Inc.
Undervalued by 89%
World Financial Split Corp.
Undervalued by 50%
Zazu Metals Corporation
Overvalued by 95%
Yorbeau Resources Inc.
Overvalued by 90%
YM BioSciences Inc.
Overvalued by 70%
1519 Companies Found
Company Ticker Margin Valuation
Zungui Haixi Corporation ZUN Undervalued Undervalued by 3,317% $11.62
Zongshen PEM Power Systems Inc. ZPP Within margin of safety Undervalued by 1% $0.60
Zincore Metals Inc. ZNC Overvalued Overvalued by 113% $0.00
ZCL Composites Inc. ZCL Undervalued Undervalued by 89% $19.92
Zazu Metals Corporation ZAZ Overvalued Overvalued by 95% $0.01
Zaruma Resources Inc. ZMR Overvalued Overvalued by 600% $0.00
Zarlink Semiconductor Inc. ZL Overvalued Overvalued by 39% $2.42
Zargon Oil & Gas Ltd. ZOG.B Overvalued Overvalued by 69% $10.35
Zargon Energy Trust ZAR.UN Overvalued Overvalued by 53% $6.95
Yukon-Nevada Gold Corp. YNG Overvalued Overvalued by 240% $0.00
Yorbeau Resources Inc. YRB.A Overvalued Overvalued by 90% $0.01
YM BioSciences Inc. YM Overvalued Overvalued by 70% $0.86
Yellow Pages Income Fund YLO.U Undervalued Undervalued by 9,999% $21.97
Yellow Media Inc YLO Undervalued Undervalued by 9,999% $601.37
Yamana Gold Inc. YRI Overvalued Overvalued by 58% $2.60
Xtreme Coil Drilling Corp. XDC Undervalued Undervalued by 267% $8.81
XS Cargo Income Fund XSC Undervalued Undervalued by 1,594% $12.20
Xinergy Ltd. XRG Within margin of safety Undervalued by 0% $0.01
Xenos Group Inc. XNS Within margin of safety Overvalued by 1% $3.41
Xebec Adsorption Inc. XBC Undervalued Undervalued by 1,083% $0.71
Xceed Mortgage Corporation XMC Undervalued Undervalued by 372% $6.85
X-Cal Resources Ltd. XCL Overvalued Overvalued by 100% $0.00
WPC Resources Inc WPQ Overvalued Overvalued by 100% $0.00
World Point Terminals Inc. WPO Undervalued Undervalued by 152% $34.33
World Financial Split Corp. WFS Undervalued Undervalued by 50% $3.02
1519 Companies Found