Australian Stock Exchange (Sydney)

Adelaide Brighton Ltd.
Undervalued by 71%
Aditya Birla Minerals Limited
Undervalued by 7%
Atcor Medical Holdings Limited
Undervalued by 40%
2338 Companies Found
Company Ticker Margin Valuation
Australian Agricultural Company Limited AAC Overvalued Overvalued by 69% $0.52
Ardent Leisure Group AAD Overvalued Overvalued by 25% $2.09
Agri Energy Limited AAE Overvalued Overvalued by 100% $0.00
Austral Africa Resources Limited AAF Overvalued Overvalued by 63% $0.04
Aragon Resources Limited AAG Overvalued Overvalued by 82% $0.05
Arana Therapeutics Limited AAH Overvalued Overvalued by 14% $1.20
Aruma Resources Ltd AAJ Within margin of safety Undervalued by 0% $0.01
Australia China Holdings Limited AAK Within margin of safety Undervalued by 0% $0.01
APAC Coal Limited AAL Overvalued Overvalued by 100% $0.00
A1 Minerals Limited AAM Within margin of safety Undervalued by 0% $0.00
Australasia Gold Limited AAO Overvalued Overvalued by 89% $0.18
AAQ Holdings Limited AAQ Overvalued Overvalued by 50% $0.01
Anglo Australian Resources NL AAR Overvalued Overvalued by 100% $0.00
Asian Pacific Limited AAS    
Autron Corporation Limited AAT Undervalued Undervalued by 3,300% $0.34
Adcorp Australia Limited AAU Undervalued Undervalued by 300% $0.08
Ausenco Limited AAX Undervalued Undervalued by 1,512% $6.45
AACL Holdings Limited AAY Undervalued Undervalued by 420% $0.26
ABB Grain Limited ABB Overvalued Overvalued by 66% $3.17
Adelaide Brighton Ltd. ABC Undervalued Undervalued by 71% $9.05
Adeffective Ltd ABN Undervalued Undervalued by 1,746% $2.77
Abacus Property Group ABP Undervalued Undervalued by 69% $3.09
Allied Brands Limited ABQ Within margin of safety Undervalued by 0% $0.01
A.B.C. Learning Centres Limited ABS Undervalued Undervalued by 411% $2.76
ABM Resources NL ABU Undervalued Undervalued by 250% $0.28
2338 Companies Found