1st Source Corporation
Undervalued by 75%
21st Century Holding Co.
Undervalued by 97%
Access National Corporation
Undervalued by 36%
3i Infrastructure Limited
Overvalued by 15%
5Banc Split Inc.
Overvalued by 78%
Aberdeen Asia-Pacific Income Investment
Overvalued by 72%
2674 Companies Found
Company Ticker Margin Valuation
1st Century Bancshares, Inc. FCTY Undervalued Undervalued by 131% $26.02
1st Constitution Bancorp FCCY Undervalued Undervalued by 184% $37.54
1st Pacific Bancorp FPBN Undervalued Undervalued by 2,410% $18.83
1st Source Corporation SRCE Undervalued Undervalued by 75% $61.67
1st United Bancorp Inc (Florida) FUBC Undervalued Undervalued by 117% $19.24
2020 ChinaCap Acquirco, Inc. TTY Undervalued Undervalued by 929% $44.06
21st Century Holding Co. TCHC Undervalued Undervalued by 97% $35.42
3i Group plc III Undervalued Undervalued by 259% £23.36
3i Infrastructure Limited 3IN Overvalued Overvalued by 15% £1.61
5Banc Split Inc. FBS.B Overvalued Overvalued by 78% $5.38
A&W Revenue Royalties Income Fund AW.UN Overvalued Overvalued by 42% $12.16
A.F.P Provida SA (ADR) PVD Undervalued Undervalued by 9,705% $8682.09
A1 Investments & Resources Ltd AYI Within margin of safety Undervalued by 0% $0.00
Abacus Property Group ABP Undervalued Undervalued by 69% $3.09
Aberdeen All Asia Investment Trust PLC ABAA Overvalued Overvalued by 99% £0.03
Aberdeen Asia-Pacific Income Fund, Inc. FAX Overvalued Overvalued by 41% $4.39
Aberdeen Asia-Pacific Income Investment FAP Overvalued Overvalued by 72% $1.30
Aberdeen Asian Income Fund Ltd. AAIF Overvalued Overvalued by 55% £0.78
Aberdeen Asian Smaller Companies AAS Overvalued Overvalued by 131% £0.00
Aberdeen Asset Management plc ADN Undervalued Undervalued by 276% £12.38
Aberdeen Development Capital PLC AVC Undervalued Undervalued by 7,800% £1.58
Aberdeen Growth Opportunities VCT PLC AGW Overvalued Overvalued by 55% £0.29
Aberdeen Growth VCT 1 PLC AGV Overvalued Overvalued by 49% £0.25
Aberdeen Income and Growth VCT PLC AIGV Overvalued Overvalued by 82% £0.10
Aberdeen Leaders Limited ALR Overvalued Overvalued by 99% $0.01
2674 Companies Found