Ameris Bancorp
Undervalued by 52%
Accord Financial Corp.
Undervalued by 86%
Austock Group Limited
Undervalued by 56%
2674 Companies Found
Company Ticker Margin Valuation
3i Infrastructure Limited 3IN Overvalued Overvalued by 15% £1.61
Aberdeen Asian Income Fund Ltd. AAIF Overvalued Overvalued by 55% £0.78
Australia China Holdings Limited AAK Within margin of safety Undervalued by 0% $0.01
Atlantic American Corporation AAME Undervalued Undervalued by 197% $9.86
Abigail Adams National Bancorp, Inc. AANB Undervalued Undervalued by 623% $21.13
Aberdeen Asian Smaller Companies AAS Overvalued Overvalued by 131% £0.00
Close Technology & General VCT PLC AATG Overvalued Overvalued by 103% £0.00
Albion Venture Capital Trust plc AAVC Overvalued Overvalued by 55% £0.30
AllianceBernstein Holding LP AB Overvalued Overvalued by 14% $19.53
Aberdeen All Asia Investment Trust PLC ABAA Overvalued Overvalued by 99% £0.03
Abington Bancorp, Inc. ABBC Undervalued Undervalued by 118% $15.76
Ameris Bancorp ABCB Undervalued Undervalued by 52% $53.95
Anchor BanCorp Wisconsin Inc. ABCW Undervalued Undervalued by 122% $106.26
Aberdeen New Dawn IT plc ABD Overvalued Overvalued by 77% £1.74
Ambac Financial Group, Inc. ABK Overvalued Overvalued by 9,999% $0.00
American Bancorp of New Jersey Inc. ABNJ Undervalued Undervalued by 175% $22.06
Albany Investment Trust plc ABNY Overvalued Overvalued by 59% £1.01
Abacus Property Group ABP Undervalued Undervalued by 69% $3.09
Arbor Realty Trust, Inc. ABR Overvalued Overvalued by 326% $0.00
Alliance Bankshares Corporation ABVA Undervalued Undervalued by 448% $26.50
Aurora Buy-Write Income Trust ABW Undervalued Undervalued by 215% $3.47
American Physicians Capital, Inc. ACAP Overvalued Overvalued by 31% $28.65
American Capital Strategies, Ltd. ACAS Within margin of safety Overvalued by 3% $16.38
American Campus Communities, Inc. ACC Overvalued Overvalued by 20% $39.96
Accord Financial Corp. ACD Undervalued Undervalued by 86% $16.80
2674 Companies Found